Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan

Faerie Wars is the first of a children’s series written by Herbie Brennan. I first stumbled on this through an Audible sale. I bought The Purple Emporer in the sale, but found it difficult to get into not having read the first book. Wanting to give the book a fair chance, I bought the first one as well. Pyrgus Malvae is a faerie prince who has a tendency to get himself, and anyone around him, into a lot of trouble. He’s an animal lover who will go to any lengths to help animals in need, but often disregards the danger to himself or his friends and family. This time, in an attempt to flee his enemies, he enters the analogue world (aka our world) where he meets Henry who sets out to help Pyrgus get home again.

I’m going to review this in the light of what it is, a children’s book. To do otherwise would be unfair. It was a good story and a good read. It’s the kind of book most children would love, as I would have at the right age. It is a little young for me now, but still a fun read. Personally I’m not sure I will finish the series, but if you have young ones at home, they will love it. As a children’s book, 4/5. Not quite Harry Potter or Bartimaeus, but still pretty darn good.