Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Anne of Green Gables

I’ve just read several books in the series and they are just as enjoyable now as they were when I read them years ago. I suppose form an adults point of view, you have less sympathy with Anne and more with Marilla, but the stories are cute just the same. The books themselves are the kind of wholesome books I would recommend for any child. Yes, they are old-fashioned, but I can’t help but feeling that if children were still brought up that way, that society would be a better place. Of course, the books themselves are fairly idyllic and certainly don’t reflect the reality of the time everywhere in the world, but they do present an ideal which gives the reader something to strive for instead of presenting them with a bleak picture of the way it really was/is as so often happens today. I suppose they are the Leave it to Beaver of an earlier era, although they don’t have quite the same contrived feeling.

Anyway, they’re cute books and I can recommend them to anyone as a good, simple read.

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Kya said...

I agree, they are very sweet but not without hardship. My daughter just loves them as well as the Little House on the Prarie series.