Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A Christmas Carol and Other Stories

Again another work by Dickens. I’ve already reviewed A Christmas Carol, so I won’t go into it again. The other novels were interesting in their own way, but much less Christmassy. The lacked a certain something, but I can’t really pin point what. Scrooge just made a better subject to write about. Having said that, I did quite like The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain. I suppose that might be because he’s a more Scrooge-like character than the rest. It’s interesting to see the effects of the bargain he struck with his ghost, especially as regards the effects of his new coldness on others. It kind of reminds me of the driver’s education videos we saw during my driver’s training courses where they show how one person who reacts kindly while driving causes others to react the same way, whereas the nasty ones make everyone miserable. He’s also given the chance for redemption, which he happily embraces and the story has a nice ending which gives you a warm feeling.

The other stories in the collection sometimes seemed a bit wordy and obscure, but I may re-read the book at some point, just to see if I can get a better grasp on them.

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Mari said...

I loved A Christmas Carol but have not read any of those other stories. More Dickens for me to read. :)

I have not read those Angie Sage books but the covers have been calling to me every time I see them in the bookstore. Now I will have to get them since you said they were so good. :)