Thursday, 2 April 2009

Death of Dalziel

I rarely read the books upon which television series are based, unless I read the books prior to the TV series as with Elizabeth George's and P.D. Jame's books, but I fortunately recently made an exception to this. I read that the series and the books aren't quite parallel to each other so I purchased Reginald Hill's Death of Dalziel on the chance that the difference wouldn't bother me, especially as I've already seen the series and it can no longer disappoint me if the books were better. I didn't regret it. Death of Dalziel was a really good book. I love murder mysteries and crime and this one was right up my street. Of course, it's the same old team of Dalziel and Pascoe, so I was picturing Warren Clarke and Colin Buchanan as the two detectives which might have biased my opinion since I like both of them. However, it was still just a good story.

I can't actually think of much more to say about it without giving the plot away, so I guess I'll just leave it there. Two thumbs up for this one though.

Has anyone out there read Minette Walter's latest book? I haven't read The Chameleon's Shadow because the book's description scares me a little. I'm not sure I want to read about hate. However, I have liked all of her other books and loved them, especially the earlier ones, and it seems a shame not to give this one a try. I'd love to know what you thought of it.

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