Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Complaints by Ian Rankin

I’ve been an Ian Rankin fan ever since I discovered his Inspector Rebus series. But even outside of his most famous books, Rankin is just a really good writer. His characters are believable and likeable despite their faults and his plots are original with twists you can’t see coming from a mile away. So, it’s not surprising that I liked The Complaints. Although, maybe it is. There are other writers I’ve really liked who’ve become predictable and boring with time, but Rankin adeptly avoided this with his latest. The Complaints centres on the Internal Affairs division of the police. They’re the cops who bust cops and are not well liked for it. It takes a special kind of person to do the job. Malcolm Fox is investigating another bent cop when his world suddenly starts to shift under his feet and life becomes incredibly complicated. Who do you trust when you earn your living tattling on other cops? How do you know who will really help you and who is trying to pull you into the abyss. The Complaints is anything but a let down for those of us who were disappointed to here that Rebus was being retired. Brilliant book. A definite 5/5 for this crime novel.


Mari said...

They should make his Inspector Rebus books into miniseries for Masterpiece Mystery!

Lula O said...

oooo, that would be good!
I've heard of this one and need to put it on hold straight away!
Thanks for your thoughts on this one.